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NightSUPs – the Original, High-Intensity LED Stand Up Paddle Boards

Full moon paddle tours are nothing new – with the NightSUPs, you bring your own moonlight every time you stand up paddle at night. Book your 2-Hour NightSUP Tour online now!

Paddle With Us - Day or Night

Paddle With Us – Day or Night

Q: What is a NightSUP?

A: A NightSUP is a stand up paddleboard that’s been converted using a proprietary, patent-pending kit. High intensity LEDs are wired into the board, glassed-in for protection, and connect to a rechargeable battery in a deck hatch.

Q: When do you do tours?

A: We have regularly-scheduled tours in Fort Lauderdale launching every Tuesday and Thursday night and most Saturdays – you can book your ticket by clicking your preferred date here. If you’d like to schedule your own tour on a different night, we’re happy to accommodate with advance reservations. Once a month, we take a tour to Islamorada for a Keys paddle through mangroves and over the shallow flats. Lobsters, rays, and fishes galore in calm, clear, warm water…

Q: Can any board be converted to a NightSUP?

A: Most conventional stand up paddle boards can be converted to a NightSUP. Thickness and materials play a key role in determining if your board is a fit for a NightSUP conversion.

Q: How much does a new NightSUP cost?

A: Because we convert existing boards to NightSUPs, the ricing varies. The prices range from $1799 to $2899, depending on the stand up paddle board and light configuration you select.

Q: How long does it take to produce a NightSUP?

A: We’re currently able to turn around orders in approximately 3 weeks, plus shipping time, for 6 or fewer boards.

Q: Do I have to purchase a completed, converted board from you?

A: Yes. 10 of them. Okay, okay, we’ll sell you the kit for $249 – but we strongly recommend an experienced ding- repair professional (or shaper, or boat repair specialist) perform the installation. Budget an additional 8 hours or so of time and labor costs, plus some materials (epoxy, fiberglass, etc).

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